The Right to Manage is a cheaper option to Collective Enfranchisement. With the Right to Manage you do not buy the freehold and the Landlord continues as your Landlord. However the day to day decisions concerning the management of the building including insurance pass to a special type of Company i.e. a Right to Manage Company, which has to have a special for of Articles of Association. As with Collective Enfranchisement, you will have to have at least half of the Leaseholders on board. Provided you keep to the precise requirements of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 there are virtually no reasons why the landlord can prevent your Right to Manage claim being successfully completed? The service we offer includes:

  • If required, obtain details of names and address of leaseholder of the building

  • Check entitlement to claim

  • Form statutory RTM company

  • Prepare and serve notice of participation on all leaseholders

  • Prepare and serve notice of claim

  • Copy landlord’s counter notice to you

  • Keep under review the statutory time limited

  • Keep you informed of developments